Philosophy & Values

Philosophy & Values

Three Pillars

OCAC Pillars - Curriculum

Integration of Three Curricula

Chinese fundamentals: In order to build a solid foundation for our students, especially in Chinese and mathematics, we will follow the Chinese National Curriculum standards and adopt Wuxi public school textbooks within our teaching resources.

International features: In order to develop confidence and perseverance in our students who will grow to be creative problem-solvers, we will incorporate a range of selective international programmes, including bilingual immersion education, gifted education, talent identification, entrepreneurial leadership, individualized education, etc.

IB framework: The IB is one of the most respected international curriculum frameworks. We will adopt the IB as our framework, integrating Chinese and international content and features, and focus on inquiry-based learning and educating the whole person. The IB offers four programmes. We will provide the following three:

  • Primary Years Programme (PYP): Pre-K to Grade 5
  • Middle Years Programme (MYP): Grade 6 to Grade 10
  • Diploma Programme (DP): Grades 11 and 12

OCAC Pillars - 3 Cultures

Learning at least Three Languages

We will be one of few of schools in the world which can provide a quality dual-language, dual-cultural immersion programme.

Learning and living in a Chinese-English dual-language environment,

  • one-to-one Chinese and English class time;
  • one-to-one Chinese and international teaching staff;
  • one-to-one languages and other subjects class time,
  • one-to-one language support

so that students with various language backgrounds (including local students who have little prior English and those who have just returned to China from overseas) will have effective support to be challenged and as such adapt quickly to their new environment.

  • Wuxi dialect: In order to study the local culture and fit into the local environment, we will encourage students to obtain basic knowledge of the Wuxi dialect.

OCAC Pillars - Languages

Immersion and Cross-over in Three Cultures

- Established in the local community and get to know the local Wuxi culture.

- Deeply rooted in China to understand Chinese culture.

- Have international-mindedness and respect for a variety of different cultures.


We draw on collective wisdom to select, study and integrate the “B-E-S-T” elements from Chinese and international education.


  • Integrate boarding school features from the UK, US and China.
  • Houses consisting of students from different grades and supervised by Mentors who are subject teachers. Mentors are responsible for creating a bilingual international boarding environment, providing high quality and individualized pastoral care.


  • From kindergarten to grade 12.
  • Dual language, multi-cultural
  • Whole-person education, global perspectives
  • Educate students to be life-long inquirers and learners who have artisan, artistic and creative potential.
  • Encourage students to become future leaders, who will strive to resolve 21st century global issues cooperatively with young people from other countries.


  • Draw on experiences from United World Colleges and Gifted Education in the U.S. for student selection and education;
  • Current achievement and future potential: Student admission will depend on not only achievements to date, but also their potential to grow.
  • Diversity: We aim to promote diversity in our student body (children of overseas Chinese returnees, local and international backgrounds);
  • Scholarships: We provide a variety of scholarships to encourage diversity and celebrate achievements.


  • Our core competency is built on our teachers. We recruit and select teachers from around the world and provide continuing professional development in order to keep improving our quality of education.
  • Before entry, teachers have orientation sessions, IB workshops and/ or in-school training.
  • Post entry, teachers will be able to continue to improve their skills through collaborative planning, in-school training, job-alikes, peer support, feedback from colleagues, as well as leadership training.

Holistic Education

OCAC - Chiway - Chinese New Year

About 3000 years ago, during the Western Zhou Dynasty (1046–771 BC), students were required to master the “liù yì” (the Six Arts), which includes:

  1. Rites
  2. Music
  3. Archery
  4. Charioteering
  5. Calligraphy
  6. Mathematics

Based on modern educational philosophy and objectives, nowadays educators and researchers have given “the Six Arts” new interpretations. OCACW has interpreted the Six Arts in accordance with the IB Approaches to Learning and therefore built our own co-curriculum framework. We focus on exploring the talents of our faculty, utilizing community resources and local characteristics.

During every academic year, we will provide a variety of co-curricular activities, such as baseball, soccer, ping-pong, tai chi, rock climbing, board games, robotics and programming, environmental awareness, webpage design, Chinese costume making, debate, dubbing, strings, zither, dance, choir, animal welfare, little inventors, in order to meet students’ needs and interests.

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