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It all began not long ago when the Overseas Chinese Academy of Chiway Wuxi started as a need. It evolved into an idea. It developed into a vision to finally transform itself into something tangible . . . a school with the mission to cultivate life-long learners to meet the global challenges of the twenty-first century with Chinese origins and global originality!

It is customary for welcome messages by the Principals to refer to how great the school is, how proud we are, and how we plan to educate our hope for a better future. We have decided though to break this tradition, like the many traditions OCACW is breaking with its innovative curriculum, approach to teaching and learning, as well as student well-being and pastoral care.

Therefore, we will directly address those that really matter . . . our students . . . and more specifically the students of the first OCACW graduating class . . . Hongyu, Tengyang, Zhengyu, Xiangjun, Xiaoyi, Yutian . . . the Class of 2030!

Graduates to be, Parents, Colleagues and friends,
WELCOME to the Graduation Ceremony of the OCACW Class of 2030

When time comes to say au revoir . . . there is an abundance of thoughts and emotions to be shared.

A graduation ceremony signifies the end of a cycle but at the same time the beginning of a new one for all those involved . . . it’s like a snapshot of life itself!

However, what was interesting for us, when we sat down trying to put some of those thoughts and emotions on paper, was that the date was Sunday 12th, May . . . 2030!

It was then that to our surprise we almost stopped having thoughts . . . a bit strange for teachers . . . but experienced an awkward overflow of emotions . . . especially when the first tears appeared!

So, we decided that this year, we are not going to share with you thoughts of “teacher wisdom” with elaborate quotes from others, always properly referenced and cited, which you have been hearing for almost 12 years now . . . and you are probably bored to hear about them once again . . . about the fact that you have been awesome; that you have grown to become real IB Learners . . . whatever this means to each one of you; that you have gone through challenging times and you not only survived but you have gloriously succeeded; that the end of this cycle is the beginning of a fascinating life that awaits you; that OCACW has, is and will always be your home; that your teachers have, are and will always be your “family”; that we all have, are and will always be proud of you no matter what, and that we will definitely miss you . . . so much . . . , even if we probably haven’t showed it to you as much as we should have . . . at least some of us!

This year we decided to share just one thing . . . one thought . . . Sunday 12th, May . . . 2030 . . . it was Mother’s Day. . .!

We know that talking now about Mother’s Day or Parents’ Day for us actually, is too late and time has gone by, but it makes no difference. Whenever you can; wherever you are; whatever you do and become remember those unique and irreplaceable people in your lives that sacrificed theirs most willingly, sometimes even in subtle and incomprehensible ways, so that you can be what you deserve . . . your parents . . . and cherish every possible moment with them!

A time will come that you will become parents yourselves and it’s only then that you will understand that no matter how successful you are in your personal and professional lives . . . the only thing that really matters is who you really are and the answer to this question will always be found in the proud, full of tears of happiness eyes of your parents, whenever you are literally looking at or thinking about them . . . even if no words are spoken!

So, no more “teacher wisdom” . . . just go ahead and simply be the people your parents would like you to . . . in this way you will definitely become the best you can become for yourselves and others because . . . “it’s difficult to understand the sum of a person’s life; some people will tell you it’s measured by the ones left behind; some believe it can be measured in faith; some say by love; other folks say life has no meaning at all . . . (but at least for us) you measure yourself by the people who measured themselves by you” and you have big shoes to fill in . . . your parents’!

Class of 2030,
go out there and seize life . . .
. . . your parents deserve it . . . your great country expects it . . .
. . . and you owe it to yourselves and the world!

This is the kind of school we are, and this is the kind of students we are determined to nurture and educate for a better China, for a better world, for a better future with Chinese origins and global originality!

Thank you and hope that you will also join our OCACW family!

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Our team consists of highly qualified teaching faculty and administrative staff who have diverse experiences in Chinese and western education, bilingual education and whole-person education. They are curriculum development leaders and teachers with a wide spectrum of competencies and expertise. They come from local and international schools with different education systems and curriculum frameworks.

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