Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

OCAC Discover - TeachersOCACW values professional growth as a cornerstone for the on-going improvement of student learning. We are committed to being an equitable, inclusive and world class place to work, offering existing and prospective faculty and staff a high quality work environment. At the heart of OCACW are our excellent people – both academic and professional faculty and staff, dedicated to the development of the school and its students. Please find on our "Openings" page the latest vacancies. We encourage you to periodically check this site during the upcoming months as vacancies develop. Shortlisted candidates for our positions will be notified by our administrators. Set yourself up on the path to inspire, challenge and instil the love of learning in young minds. OCACW’s culture, like China itself, is warm and inviting. Cultivating a strong sense of community is an important commitment at OCACW. Consider joining our amazing learning community!

We thank you for your interest in OCACW and look forward to reviewing your applications!

Contact the Human Resources Department at jobswx@ocac-wuxi.com

OCACW is proud of our talented, caring and professional faculty. Success in any teaching position depends on realizing many synergies. Teachers who are successful at OCACW typically match closely with the characteristics listed below.

Minimum Expectations (Required)

  • Minimum two years experience, qualified with at least a Bachelor's degree, and a teaching certificate where applicable (English/ Japanese/ Korean/ French/ Spanish native speakers can be English/ Japanese/ Korean/ French/ Spanish teachers)
  • Highly professional
  • Child focused – warm, caring and supportive
  • Ability to work with parents and be part of a community
  • Team player – collaborative, adaptable, positive and flexible
  • Commitment to ongoing professional development
  • General interest in Wuxi and China

Professional Experience (Required as/ if Applicable)

  • Experience/training in working with English as Additional Language (EAL)
  • High level of IT skills and experience in integrating IT with teaching
  • Experience with contemporary practices especially in English and Mathematics
  • Experience with authentic assessment practices
  • Experience in organizing school events and extracurricular activities
  • Experience in coaching sporting teams and/or performing arts
  • Experience in outdoor education and recreation programmes

Pedagogical Profile

  • IBPYP, IBMYP, IB Diploma, STEAM or Design Thinking programmes preferred
  • Chinese National Curriculum knowledge and experience required (local hires)
  • Inquiry-based, activity-based and hands-on learning
  • Using local context and environment to enhance learning
  • Multi-cultural approach or experiences
  • Stimulating classroom environment
  • Experience in differentiating teaching techniques

School Year 

Each school year has approximately 190 contact days, starting on August 1 and ending July 31. The winter break in December is usually 2 weeks. Chinese New Year break is also usually 2 weeks. Chinese National Holiday and spring break are usually 1 week, and the summer break is usually 5 to 6 weeks, from July to August. New Staff Orientation takes place in August.

School Hours 

School hours normally are 08:00 to 16:00. Teachers are expected to be at the school by 07:45 and in their classroom by 08:00 the latest. Supervision duties are part of a teacher’s routine.

Teaching Hours 

Teaching hours last 40’. A full teaching load in a week is generally 30 periods. The non-contact periods are allocated for planning, preparation, assessment, classroom management, and general meetings with colleagues and parents, as well as substitution duties as/ if needed.

School Life/Development 

Teachers are expected to implement goals from the Strategic Plan and take part in the development of the school.

OCACW CCA Programme 

OCACW encompasses all activities outside the classroom including, but not limited to: After School Activities (CCAs), the arts, sports, clubs, enterprises, homework support, community service, and expeditions. Teachers are expected to contribute to the equivalent of three CCAs per year or coach 1 inter-school Sports Team (some weekends included to participate in tournaments, exhibitions, competitions, etc.).

Teacher Professional Development 

OCACW provides a range of professional development opportunities throughout the year. These include in-service training, conferences and workshops in China as well as overseas. Many of these occur outside of the normal working day or even over the weekend.

After School Meetings 

Staff meetings are compulsory for all teachers and are held once a week after school. Teachers are also required to attend collaborative planning meetings during and/ or after school hours.

Visa Application Process 

The visa application process can be quite lengthy, so please stay tuned with HR and respond to any requests as quickly as possible.

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