Design Thinking

Design Thinking

* What is Design Thinking?
Design thinking aims to educate students in how to solve cross-curricular, real world problems through effective thinking and collaboration. We motivate our students to use their empathy and creativity to come up with real world solutions.

* How does this work?OCAC - Design Thinking
In Design Thinking there are certain steps we follow. Led by the Design Thinking process, the students will know how to work on any challenge:
- Research / “Deep dive”
- Focus
- Generate ideas
- Make informed decisions
- Prototyping Cycle
- Collaborate

Through careful teamwork, planning and empathy our students will develop their problem-solving skills. Social Emotional Learning is the key factor in the whole process.

Design Thinking will be applied from Grade 1 to Grade 10 covering a wide variety of topics ranging from empathising with the main character of a book to knowing more about the world around us. In this way, students’ will be led at the beginning of a journey, but they will choose their own path to reach their destination.

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